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Tashu Rawal
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"Psychology is not a science it's a way towards living a balanced life.”

This is how I found my purpose in this discipline.


I am Tashu Rawal a proud master's student in the field of Psychology.


Initially, when I started studying psychology it was a subject but as I started reading more it looked as if it was a way of life.


Through this exciting journey of psychology, I realized it's a boundless ocean not only to explore but also to invent your perspective. Learning is a lifelong affair and I wish to do mine by healing people.


As a life, leadership and positive psychology coach I staunchly believe I can help people find their way of life and heal them.

Services I provide include:

  • One-on-one counselling: 800/- INR (Students- INR- 500/50 mins, on valid student ID)

  • Workshop: 499/-INR

  • Positive psychology coaching : 499/-INR

  • Life coaching : 499/-INR

Languages known: English and Hindi

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