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About Us

Co-founded by Amaresh Nath and Harish Bhuvan on 14th September 2020, Whaterr Solutions intends to make mental health not only accessible, but also free from the existing taboos by adding an element of "humaneness" to the process. We at Whaterr cater to the following four pillars of mental health care:

  • Intervention (through counselling and therapy for individuals, couples, and families

  • Awareness (through webinars and seminars)

  • Empowerment (through soft-skills and life-skills workshops)

  • Community (through support group circles)

Story behind the name

The through the name "Whaterr" we want to promote:

  • Making mental health care as much a part of one's life as drinking water

  • Adopting a mindset that reflects the properties of water (transparency, adaptability, and in constant flow)

  • Normalizing the act of making mistakes for to err is to human, and hence what-err? 

The Vibe

Individually our Co-founders have been in the field of mental health care for almost a decade, but they both realized that to make a greater impact, a collaborative effort is essential, and hence they decided to add to their 14-year-old friendship a professional flavor. Both Amaresh and Harish are passionate about mental health care from both professional and personal perspectives; they believe in practicing what they preach in their own lives. Hence, when one approaches Whaterr, along with a professional, they will have the experience of interacting with a human being who apart from the skills and knowledge, is very much like them; experiencing the ups and downs of life.

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