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We at Whaterr believe that a dream that can be fulfilled alone is a plan, while a dream that needs the support of many is a movement, but a dream that is shared with everyone because one knows that the fulfilment of that dream is possible only with the support of each and every one, is a revolution, and we want to create a revolution in mental health by creating global communities that stand for the cause of mental health care. At the moment, we are building two communities to take this dream of ours closer to fruition. One of the communities is for everyone who stands for the cause of mental health care and is passionate about not only their own mental health care, but also for that of others (even it might be someone who is a perfect stranger). The other community is dedicated to mental health professionals for this is a community that often goes unnoticed in terms of their own mental health care.

To know more about our exclusive communities, and to be a part of them, click on the button below:

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Mondays are dedicated to unwinding and the Monday Catch-Ups are open for all to join in and chill together. The rest of the week is dedicated to events curated exclusively for members of the Crystal Membership.

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