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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is going to take the sessions?

Our practitioners are not only professionally qualified, but also demonstrate qualities of empathy, warmth, and compassion.

What is it like to be in a counselling/therapy session?

When talking with professionals at Whaterr, you will feel you are having a friendly conversation with someone equipped with the skills and knowledge to help you help yourself. It is however important to note that every therapist has their own style and the experience would vary from therapist to therapist.

What outcomes can I expect from the sessions?

The sessions are meant to be a catalyst for your growth and are not supposed to be considered a magical solution for any problem. The counsellor shall work with you to help you equip yourself with skills and perspectives that shall help you navigate through your current situation.

Should I opt for individual sessions or packages? Which is the better option?

Individual sessions are ideal in the following scenarios:

  • You want to get a taste of counselling and how it is like at Whaterr

  • Your schedule doesn't permit you to avail of the sessions at regular intervals

  • You simply want a one-off professional conversation to take care of something you are going through

Packages are ideal in the following scenarios:

  • You want to commit to your mental health for a longer period of time

  • You feel you need support for a prolonged period of time

What if I am not satisfied with the services I availed?

In any case, you feel that our services did not make a positive difference in your life, you can write to support@whaterr with your proof of purchase and a refund shall be provided without any questions being asked.

Grievance  Officer: Harish Bhuvan

Contact: +91 9538755515 or write to and cc:

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