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Tamanna Chaudhary
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Hi! I am Tamanna I am a counselling psychologist who loves penning thoughts, analyzing behavior, and diving deep into the fascinating realm of mind. I majorly grasp the significance of experiences, environment, motivations, coping mechanisms, and other factors that dictate overt and covert behaviors in an individual. What makes Counselling more compelling for me is the process to find cures and remedies for all sorts of disorders, simple or complex. I have an understanding of peoples’ psyche which helps to look beyond their words and people who suffer from mental health issues to become healthier and better. I aim to provide empathetic, collaborative, integrative and client-centred sessions with therapeutic approaches like CBT, Psychotherapy, Trauma-informed therapy, These techniques and approaches are tailored to gain insight for gauging positive developments subjecting on self-reflection, satisfaction, strengths, stabilising, and developing resilience.

Services I provide include:

  1. One-on-one counselling: 1200 INR

  2. Group sessions: 1500 INR Per Person

Languages Known: English, Hindi, and Punjabi

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