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Sheenam Samrat
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I am a compassionate counseling psychologist specializing in therapy sessions for individuals, couples, and groups. My goal is to create a safe and supportive environment for personal growth and well-being, and I achieve this by tailoring each session to meet the unique needs of my clients. I conduct one-on-one sessions with an eclectic approach, drawing from various therapeutic modalities including Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Gestalt Therapy, Trauma-Informed Therapy, and Grief-Informed Work.


In these individual sessions, I provide empathy and expertise to help individuals gain self-awareness, develop coping strategies, and overcome obstacles that may be impeding their personal growth. By incorporating evidence-based techniques into therapy, I enable clients to experience transformative change and lead more fulfilling lives. Additionally, I integrate trauma-informed practices into therapy sessions to empower clients to reclaim their lives and build resilience. Furthermore, I offer grief-informed work to help individuals navigate the complexities of grief and loss, supporting them in honoring their losses while finding a path forward.


I am deeply committed to fostering a collaborative and non-judgmental therapeutic relationship with each client. Through this partnership, individuals, couples, and groups can explore their challenges, discover their strengths, and work toward positive change. With a compassionate and individualized approach, I am dedicated to promoting personal growth, enhancing well-being, and facilitating lasting transformation.


My services are tabulated as under:-

1. Individual Sessions - ₹750 per session (50 minutes)

2. Couples Counselling - ₹1400 per session (90 - 120 minutes)

3. Group Therapy - ₹500 per session (90 minutes)


The duration and pricing of my services are flexible for students and those in dire need of urgent attention.


Languages Known: English and Hindi

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