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Saumya Sharma
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Heyyy there, are you ready for an embarking journey of healing and transformation. I am Saumya, I am not only your Counselling Psychologist but a companion on your journey of self-discovery, acceptance, healing, and empowerment.


I am here to help you navigate the depths of your emotions, unveil hidden strengths and be acceptable as well as kind towards your mind, soul and body. My approach to counselling is mainly client centered that will help us to develop an authentic as well as empathetic connection where you can unapologetically be you.


There is no one-size-fits-all solution to well-being. I am committed to co-creating a journey tailored to your needs, aspirations, and values. Whether it's cognitive-behavioural strategies, mindfulness practices, expressive art-based techniques or solution focused therapy, our collaborative efforts will pave the way for a lasting change.


I believe that where there's will, there’s always a way.

Services I provide include:

  • One-on-one counselling session: Sliding scale between INR 500-800 per session. (45 mins)

  • Couple /Family counselling session: INR 1000 per session (60 mins)

  • Support Group sessions: I offer a safe space for individuals having body image issues, problems due to peer pressure, men's mental health, emotional regulation, caregiver burnout, people pleasing issues, relationship/family issues, self-esteem, setting healthy boundaries, resilience, etc. (INR 300 per person) (60-90 mins). (5-6 participants)

  • Workshops: I offer customized pricing for workshops, seminars, events, presentations, and internships tailored to different types of participants, including students (school and college) and corporate professionals. The pricing varies based on several factors such as the duration, topic/theme, my expertise in the subject matter, and the target audience.

Languages known: English and Hindi

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