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Moushmi Chaudhari
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Hello! With me, I hope you find a compassionate, present, and hopeful companion on your journey toward building a more connected and meaningful life.


I believe our therapeutic space is for your inner exploration, healing, and growth. My theoretical approach is humanistic and holistic, which emphasizes empathy, mindfulness, self-awareness, personal values, and health. I have an experimental approach, which gives space for our collective intuition to guide the flow of the session. Also, I believe that when our body moves, sleeps, eats, and breathes better – our mind feels, thinks and does better- so you might find me gently encouraging you to make a few changes in your lifestyle if you find them necessary. In our sessions, we may also bring out tarot cards to facilitate our work together and help tell your story.


Our therapy will be informed by Internal Family Systems (or Parts-work), so I hope you bring in all of you - so that we can understand and extend compassion to the parts of yourself that have tried to protect you, and the ones that have been suffering from painful emotions such as loneliness, rejection, or shame.

I provide one-on-one counselling and therapy. Each session is for 70 minutes and I charge 1100 INR per session.

Languages Known: English, Hindi, Marathi

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