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Kanchan Gahtori
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Ms. Kanchan Gahtori is a dedicated and compassionate counseling psychologist, a certified CBT practitioner, Inner child healer, and Grief and Trauma Therapist. She specializes in nurturing and healing clients' inner selves, fostering self-compassion and acceptance. With her compassionate support and guidance, she helps individuals navigate difficult emotions and experiences, facilitating healing, resilience, and personal transformation. With a deep understanding of the human mind and behavior, she is committed to guiding individuals on their paths to holistic well-being and personal growth. Ms. Gahtori tailors treatment plans to the unique needs of each client. Her approach empowers clients to cultivate lasting emotional well-being, resilience, and holistic fulfillment, fostering meaningful life changes through collaborative strategies for self-regulation and personal growth. She specializes in addressing a wide range of concerns, including anxiety, depression, trauma, abuse, grief and bereavement, work and academic stress, relationship and marriage issues, family conflicts, body-image issues, self-esteem and confidence struggles, self-exploration, emotional regulation, attachment-based issues, substance abuse or dependence, and existential concerns.


If you are facing challenges or seeking personal growth, Ms. Gahtori is here to provide the unwavering support and guidance you need. Take the first step towards a more fulfilling and authentic life by contacting her today.

Services I provide include:

  • Individual counselling (₹900/ session)

  • Workshops (cost varies depending on the topics)

  • Couple therapy (₹1500/session)

  • Consultation call (₹450/session)


Languages Known: English and Hindi

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