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Harsha Sindhu
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Every person expresses oneself uniquely and it is my mission to know each language expressed in their own unique manner. Hi, I am Harsha and I am a Counselling psychologist. I am an integrative practitioner who aims to help individuals own their personal narratives and help identify one's distinct lingo- why the guttural sound when sad? why does the pitch change when nervous? why do the pauses seem longer when upset, and so on? Realistically, therapy involves various turns such as, confrontation, experimenting, embracing, rejoicing, accepting, and releasing. All of this is what the snippet of life is about and I extend my belief and support throughout the entire time of unraveling. So it may not be easy but it is worth the while. I have worked with clients nationally and internationally with concerns of Depression, Trauma, Borderline Personality Disorder, and Anxiety to name a few. When not assisting people in their journey I have my head wrapped in novels, music, and anime.

Services I provide include:

  • Individual counselling: 1200/- INR for working professionals and 600/- INR for Unemployed/Students

  • Teaching Psychology for students: 600/- INR

  • Workshops: 1500/-. INR

Languages Known: English, Hindi, and Telegu

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