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Deepika Murthy
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If your clothes are tailor made, why can’t your therapy be?

As an avid expressionist and a science enthusiast with the passion to heal, I revel in the magic of blending art and science to go deeper into the nuances of therapeutic and energy works. I am an Alternate Therapy provider, welcoming you to the realm of transformative healing where traditional boundaries are shattered. Challenging the conventional cookie-cutter solution for wellness support, instead of relying one a single remedial technique, I believe in integrating multisensory approaches and curating tailor-made therapeutic experiences to suit the unique emotional fingerprint of every individual.

A glimpse of my spectrum of services:

  • Talk therapy and counselling

  • Art therapy

  • Indian music therapy

  • Chakra balancing

  • Energy healing and Quantum Reiki

  • Qi Gong breathwork and movement

  • EFT/TFT tapping

  • Spiritual counselling

  • PTSD management

  • Theatre and somatics


Additionally, enabled with the proficiency of Positive Intelligence under the tutorship of Shirzad Chamine, and the craftsmanship of playback theatre, body theatre, psychodrama and forum theatre, I also engage as a facilitator to create safe and supportive space for exploring emotions, experiencing conscious communication, confronting personal challenges and embarking on a journey of self-discovery. This substantially equips me to empower my clients to embrace their innate wholeness and nurture the wellsprings of resilience that lies dormant within.

I largely derive my healing insights from the intricate landscape of quantum science; immersing myself in the realm of quantum science has been a revelation that seamlessly intertwines with the world of healing. The boundless possibilities offered by quantum principles have unveiled to me, a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of mind, body, and energy. This ongoing journey has illuminated new avenues, harnessing quantum principles for holistic wellbeing and enhancing my comprehension of the profound mechanisms that underlie the art and science of healing.

My therapeutic offerings can thus unlock profound shifts as I walk you through transformative paths towards growth, self-care, healing and better quality of life in your personal, educational or professional spaces. 


A discovery session with me can help us connect deeper and understand which therapeutic modality can work best for you.

Love and Light

My service rates are as follows:

  • Discovery session, talk therapy and counselling (60minutes): Rs1500

  • Chakra balancing & Energy healing (60minutes): Rs1800

  • Art Therapy (60minutes): Rs1800

  • Indian Music Therapy (60minutes): Rs1800

  • Spiritual counselling (60minutes): Rs1500

  • EFT/TFT tapping (60minutes): Rs1500

  • QiGong, breathwork and movement/somatics: Rs1800

  • Couple Therapy (90minutes): Rs 2250

  • Family Therapy (90minutes): Rs 2500

  • Workshops 60minutes: Rs 3000

Languages known: English and Hindi

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