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Anwesha Sen

Anwesha is a compassionate, empathic and a non-judgmental Counseling Psychologist. She ardently works on enhancing how individuals view themselves thereby assisting them in emotional regulation, and improved quality of inter and intra-personal relationship(s). Her emphasis is on ameliorating lives by doing the inner work. Humans are dynamic and being able to unlearn and relearn can go a long way in becoming the best version of oneself and to keep growing in life thereby crossing all hurdles with enough resilience. Anwesha believes everyone has an innate desire to unleash their true potential and lead their life based on who they are and what defines them the best.


Anwesha has completed her Master's of Science in Counseling Psychology from Christ University. She has experience in working with young adults, individuals in middle adulthood and those struggling with substance addiction. Her approach to work surrounds Psychodynamic, Trauma & Attachment focused, and Person-Centered approach (es) to Counseling where the idea is to remain non-directional thereby keeping the focus on the client and their past experiences to help create a better present paving the way for a healthy future.


Anwesha is also an avid reader who can be found exploring different self-help books. Her interests also incline towards music, dance, fitness and spending time in the nature.

Services I provide include:

  • Individual counseling for 45-50 mins: Rs 1000

  • Adolescent counseling for 45-50 mins (Age: 15-19 years): Rs 750

  • Group counseling for 45 mins (Adults 18+): Rs 300 per person

  • Career-related consultancy for Psychology aspirants 45-50 mins: Rs 550

  • Listening circle sessions for 30 mins: Rs 400

My specialization: Stress, Anxiety, Low mood/ Depression, Relationship, Mood swings, Health anxiety, Career related concerns.


Note: Not taking male clients with sexual concerns.

Languages known: English, Hindi, and Bengali

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