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We at Whaterr Solutions have developed a new and innovative therapeutic modality that will bring a revolution in the field of mental health care. This model has been proven to help clients and therapists alike. To know more, click on the button below:

About Whaterr Solutions

Co-founded by Amaresh Nath and Harish Bhuvan on 14th September 2020, Whaterr Solutions intends to make mental health not only accessible, but also free from the existing taboos by adding an element of "humaneness" to the process. Learn more about our offerings by clicking the button below:

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We envision a global community that treats mental health care as they treat the act of having a glass of water; essential and a part of life.


Our mission is to make mental health care accessible to everyone who is willing to invest in their own wellbeing.


Following are our primary objectives:

  • Create awareness about mental health and its significance

  • Provide intervention to people in need

  • Develop a support system where no one feels that they are ever alone

Our Services