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Shazia Saleem
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With a master’s degree in Psychology and Compassionate Integrity Training from UNESCO MGIEP and ten years of counseling experience, I have worked with various international schools and hospitals as a Counsellor and Psychologist. In this journey I have also been associated with NGOs and other platforms; conducting workshops, group discussions, and personal interviews to break down the stigma attached to seeking professional help. My interest in studying people’s behaviour and understanding them in their varying cultures and habitats has made me passionate about mental health awareness. As people struggle to understand their own personal psychology which causes them to be afraid, suppressed, and limit their capabilities, I try to get the best out of them and transform their negative thoughts into positive behaviours to make them live a more fulfilled life using a variety of approaches, techniques, tools, and methods. As a counsellor I have handled various counselling cases. As every individual is different and unique in some way, it has helped me upgrade my skills and learn new things that have now become a continuous process of my life. We live in an interdependent world where we all can support each other in the best possible ways. 


Every drop in the ocean counts, change starts within you. With determination and passion for work, I want to be a change agent by doing my bit.

I provide one on one counselling sessions and I charge 1500 INR per session

Languages Known: English, Hindi, and Urdu

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