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Mrnali Singh
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Mrnali is a grounded, calm, and methodical counselling psychologist who has a genuine passion for making a difference in people’s lives through her work. She tries to be a breath of fresh air for her clients. Nothing makes her happier than helping people feel better about themselves.

As a warm, accepting, and experienced practitioner, she creates a judgment-free confidential space where all aspects of one’s personality are welcome. She is a strong advocate of slowing down, being in the present moment, and practising mindfulness. She believes that slowing down and looking inside can help one become passionate, sensitive, and brave. It helps to create an authentic and meaningful connection with oneself that brings inner peace and happiness. Other techniques utilized by her include cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, positive psychotherapy, stress management, mind-body connection, assertiveness training, mood management, anxiety reduction, empowerment, and work-life balance. She provides immediate feedback, tasks to focus on as well as tools to cope effectively.

She believes that each person is already housing the natural desire to grow and that is what therapy with her is all about - personal growth. Using a holistic, client-centered, and collaborative counselling approach, she will support you to skillfully navigate through the difficulties that you may be experiencing. She looks forward to connecting with you and supporting you with the next step in your healing journey.

Languages known: English. and Hindi

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