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Khyati Kanji
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I am a Counselling Psychologist and an Art Therapy practitioner. I have been in this field for over 5 years and have experience in working with clinical as well as non-clinical issues. I strongly believe that therapy is not just for when we hit rock bottom or are experiencing negative life issues. Therapy can also be just a space we visit for ourselves (a kind of me-time), to give ourselves time and work on ourselves.


I believe that individuals have the capacity to unlearn negative behaviours and beliefs and re-learn healthier ones and grow if given an environment of respect, unconditional positive regard, and acceptance, and I strive to do that with each of my clients. As a practitioner, I get to learn so much from my clients. Being in this profession gives me the opportunity to touch so many lives and for that, I feel grateful.


Therapy can be such an important aspect of self-care. In fact, I feel taking therapy sessions even when we aren't in a crisis situation/ experiencing an issue (during which times our brains may be over-working and are taxed) allows us to be more mindful and reflective on other aspects related to our individual growth and be more in touch with ourselves since our minds have that space.


Concerns I have worked with include anxiety and related disorders, grief, trauma, loss and depression, work-related stress, sleep issues, substance use and abuse, life transitions, relationship issues, personal growth, Schizophrenia, Borderline Personality Disorder, and Bipolar Disorder.

Services I provide include:

  • Individual psychotherapy: 1500 INR per session

  • Art therapy: 1500 INR per session


Languages Known: English, Hindi, and Gujarati

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