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Geetika Arora
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Geetika Arora is a Consultant Psychologist, has completed Master’s in Clinical Psychology and Anxiety and Panic Attacks Diploma, specialized in diagnosing and treating mental, behavioural, and emotional illnesses. Her expertise lies in child, adolescent as well as geriatric counselling, mindfulness, depression, anxiety, stress, anger management, relationship issues, behavioural issues, family conflict, childhood trauma, life balance and self-esteem. She has a positive attitude, strong work ethics, is self-motivated and organized. She comes with an extensive experience of working with children and adults who had experienced some kind of trauma or displayed difficult behaviour. Always keen to promote a safe environment by working with each individual to develop customized plans to improve their quality of life.

Services I provide include:

  1. One-on-one counselling: 1300 -1500 INR

  2. Group sessions: 1000 INR Per Person

  3. Workshops: 3500 - 4000 INR

Languages Known: English and Hindi

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