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Aseess Chadha
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Living wholeheartedly is not a mere choice, but a journey, a process, and as a therapist my endeavour is to extend a safe and supportive presence to walk with you on this journey. I truly believe in the essence of empathy, unconditional regard and worthiness, which are the pillars of my therapeutic work. Context ardently informs my understanding and enables me to see humans as an amalgamation of their internal and external experiences.


I hold a master's degree in clinical psychology, along with a year’s experience of intensive research and therapeutic work under psychiatrists, psychologists, neurologists in private, government and virtual settings. I am trained in multiple therapy approaches including psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, humanistic-existential, dialectical therapies as well as trauma informed care.


Presently, my approach strongly aligns with the humanistic-existential course of therapy, grounded in the principles of empathy, unconditional, freedom, choice and meaning. However, I believe that “no one shoe fits all” and actively adapt to best suit the clients' needs.


I henceforth extend a compassionate and enriching space for clients to explore their potential, delve into nuances, cultivate self-understanding and become a better version of themselves!

Services I provide include:

  • Individual Counseling: 900 INR (with a need based sliding scale)

  • Couples Counseling: 1200 INR (with a need based sliding scale)

  • Group Therapy (group of 4-6 clients): 400 INR per person

Languages known: English, Hindi, and Punjabi

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