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Anamika Kumar
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Finding the right support and guidance during challenging times is essential, and I'm here to offer you a helping hand on your journey toward personal growth and well-being. I am Anamika, a compassionate and enthusiastic professional dedicated to assisting individuals like yourself in navigating through life's complexities.


Life can present us with unexpected twists and turns, leaving us feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or uncertain. As a trained counsellor in Narrative Therapy, I use an approach that is collaborative, grounded in honesty, respect, and compassion. I strongly believe in accepting and celebrating one’s uniqueness and strengths and not ‘fixing’ them. I believe in creating a warm and welcoming space where you can be yourself without any judgment.


I'm committed to walking beside you as you uncover your strengths, develop coping strategies, and discover new possibilities which bring about the wonderfulness in your lives. No matter what challenges you're facing—be it anxiety, relationship issues, or just feeling stuck—we'll work together to find practical solutions and strategies to help you move forward.


Feel free to reach out with any questions or to schedule an appointment. Remember, seeking support is a courageous act and I’m here to be your ally as you embrace personal growth, find your inner spark, and create a life that brings you joy.


Let’s do this together!

Services I provide include:

  • One-on-one counselling for teens and young adults - 800/- INR for 50 mins

  • One-on-one sessions for adults - 1100/-INR for 60 mins

Languages known: English, and Hindi

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