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Kavya Shrivastav

Kavya is a Counselling Psychologist from CHRIST University who is curious about the human behaviour by nature and believes that learning is a life-long journey. She is embracing a lifestyle of living mindfully and practicing gratitude.


Kavya has worked exclusively with teenagers in the last year, understanding their challenges and supporting them. Her long term goal is to become a Gottman Certified Couples and Family Therapist.


Presently, Kavya predominantly uses the Gestalt modality in her practice. Gestalt therapy emphasises that clients possess innate wisdom and the capacity to heal themselves. The therapeutic relationship encourages clients to explore their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in the present moment. By focusing on the here and now, the therapist helps individuals gain awareness of their patterns, enhance self-acceptance, and develop new ways of relating to themselves and others.


Her present areas of interest lie in helping individuals improve their communication style to convey their needs more effectively, strengthen ways of boundary setting and facilitate with relationship challenges for individuals of all ages. Kavya wants to make her clients the hero of their own story again through a collaborative approach.


Best suited for the following:

1. Challenges in school, college, and workplace

2. In a transitional phase of your life - moving cities, changing jobs, break-up, etc.

3. Need handholding with communication, assertiveness and boundary setting.

4. Support for men's mental health

5. Relationship struggles/Couples counselling.

6. Re-discovering self/Understanding yourself more/Self-development

7. Need support for daily hassles

8. Family issues

9. Cultivating Mindfulness


NOTE: Kavya is presently not taking cases of suicidal ideation.

Services I provide include:

  • One-on-one Counselling: 800/- INR for 45 minutes; 1000/- INR for 60 minutes (sliding scale available for students/unemployed)

  • Couples Counselling: 1500/- INR for 75 mins; 2000/- INR for 90 minutes

  • Group Therapy: 500/- INR per head (5-6 people) for 90 minutes

  • Workshop:  1200/- INR per hour

  • Psychoeducation session: 1200/- INR per hour

  • Psychology tuitions: 600/- INR per hour

  • ​Support groups: 650/- INR per head

Languages known: English and Hindi

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