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At Whaterr we aim to empower you for the various curve balls that life might throw at you, and hence, we are constantly launching new courses to help you acquire skills and knowledge to upgrade your mental health and holistic wellness. Currently these are the programs you can avail:


Over the combined experience of almost two decades as mental health professionals, Harish Bhuvan and Amaresh Nath have realized that the traditional modalities of therapy and counselling either make one dependent on therapy, or is a quick-fix solution that doesn’t address the real concern(s), or doesn’t focus on the “how” or equipping the client to replicate their successes (of overcoming hurdles in life) in the face of future adversities, or oversimplifies the human mind to certain concepts.

They have also realized that every individual is unique and has a unique combination & permutation of experiences, yet certain formulas can be applied to address the mental health needs of the person. Keeping these in mind, they have developed a new therapy modality called SRT or Self-Reliance Therapy that provides you with formulas you can use anytime things go wrong in life.

The goal of the program
Learn formulas that you can use in every aspect of your life to overcome any challenges life might throw at you without having to rely on anyone else.

Major takeaways from the program

  • Make choices that are truly our own, rather than ones that we borrow from others based on their expectations.

  • S*it happens and will happen, but one has a choice to either make the s*it their life or accept the s*it as a part of their life and create a life of their choice; being self-reliant helps us make this choice for ourselves.

  • Equip yourself with the skills and mindsets that you can use to help yourself and your loved ones in the best possible way

  • Even though the healing journey might take a lifetime, with the right skill set & mindset, one can be self-reliant and face the hurdles by themselves.

Mode of delivery
It is a 24-hour curriculum that is delivered over three days in a group setting to facilitate a community-based learning experience.


Here is a glimpse at what our participants have to say about their experience with SRT:


  • Are you someone who wants to learn the skills of counseling to make your and your loved one’s lives better?

  • Do you want to explore a world where you can take charge of your own life and shape it the way you want?

  • Do you want to understand people better?

  • Do you want to have healthy and meaningful relationships?

  • Do you want to learn how to gain mastery over your thoughts and emotions?

If you find yourself answering with a “yes”, then DICTATE or Diploma In Counseling Techniques And Therapies for Engagement is a wise choice to opt for.

What is it: Learn to use the skills and techniques of counselling and therapy in everyday life.

Who is it for: Mental health practitioners who want to brush up on their knowledge; parents who want to develop deeper relationships with their children; teachers who want to equip themselves with the skills of effectively managing their students; business owners who want to understand their customers better; or anyone who wants to work on their own inner growth.

Testimonials: Here are a few testimonials from previous participants:


We conduct a batch of SRT every month. To register for the next batch (February 2023 onwards) of SRT, click on Register: